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Print out a graph to monitor your weight
Montignac Method ( also read notes in Russian

low insulin and proper food combining methods
stove theory (eat less - move more)
count calories calories in products
Herbalife and other programs
Tom Venuto - get in shape - combat conditionning & streching, excellent materials
Muller, J P: My System (1924) - excellent book describing a simple (15 min/day) and very effective health system. You can buy this old book on amazon (from zshop sellers). See the cover of this (and other old books) here: 
   - - NY Sports Clubs - buy treadmill, heart monitors, etc.

There are several theories on how to lose weight:

Low Insulin and Proper Food Combining Methods home - top of the page - email

Low Insulin and Proper Food Combining Methods:

These methods really work and work long term.

These methods teach changing eating habits by:
  - removing rafinated carbohydrates (bread, pizza, white rice, soft drinks, macaroni, potatoes, etc.) and lowering overall level of consumed carbohydrates (carrots, fruits, etc.).
  - avoid mixing foods causing high insulin (rafinated carbohydrates) with fat or protein.

Authors of these methods explain, that we gain weight because of high insulin in the blood (which rises in response to consuming rafinated carbohydrates like bread).
fat & protein - insulin is low - you lose weight.
add bread - insulin gets high - you gain weight.

Different implementations of this "low insulin" idea include:

  -  separating different foods (not eating carbohydrates with fat in one meal, buy giving 3-4 hours between them),
  -  eating "right" carbohydrates (green salads),
  -  going on very low carbohydrate diet:
     - Dr.Atkins' low hunger diet with less than 20 g of carbohydrates/day,
     - Fat fasting (nothing but 100g of fat/day - with 10 oz cream cheese or 5 oz of Macadamias (Mauna Loa nuts)),
  -  going on a balanced diet (Barry Sears "The Zone", Dr.Atkins's diet, Montignac Method., Shelton )

Read (in Russian) personal notes of a person who used Montignac method.

The solution is to eat right - and moderately.
Also, everybody is different.

Stove theory home - top of the page - email

There are methods that people use only to find that they don't work by themselves.
People still feel hungry, or tired, or they continue to gain weight even on less than 1000 cal/day diet, or diet is too difficult to follow:

"stove"-theory  - count calories.  To lose weight you should consume less than you burn.  Plan to lose 1 to 2 pounds weekly by consuming approximately 800 fewer calories daily than usual.  To lose 1 pound you have to burn 3500 cal.  1 kilogram calorie (kcal)  =  4.184 kilo joule (kJ). - hacker's diet - very good book

Physical exercises - good for health, but don't work as the main factor in losing weight.

Count calories home - top of the page - email

Although "stove" theory is wrong, still it
makes sense to know how to count calories: - directory - directory of links to different calculators

1. Basal Metabolism -
  my basal metabolism is 1750 cal/day ( or 72 cal/hour)

2. activity related metabolism (cal/hour) - - enter 10 min in every cell and get a table: -
calculate calories burned during different activities (per hour) -
Watching TV - 70 (basal)
Computer/Desk work - 130-160
Walking - approx. 100 cal/mile   (400 cal/h if walked 4 miles)
Running - approx. 150 cal/mile   (900 cal/h if ran 6 miles)
Swimming: 500-1000
Moving: carrying boxes - 650
Badminton: general - 420
Aerobics  400+
Compare those numbers, remembering that they're for a full hour spent nonstop in the exercise, with the calories in the following food items:
Tasty Treat  Calories
Peanut butter sandwich  275
Pizza (3 slices)  500
Big Mac  560 - height/weight tables, etc.

Because fat is the most concentrated source of calories (9 calories per gram compared to 4 calories per gram for carbohydrate and protein), it is usually the focus of weight maintenance and weight loss diets. Limiting fat intake alone will likely limit calories, as well. Just as for the general population, weight conscious consumers should limit fat intake to no more than 30 percent of total calories, according to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

Simple calculation:
   my basal metabolism is 1700
   I add 500 due to misc. activities
   I add 800 due to 1 hour jogging
Total - 3,000 cal/day.  If I eat only 1000/day - I may lose upto 1 lb/day (2,000 cal burned daily)

Calories in products home - top of the page - email
Handful of pistachio nuts, 1 oz. 170 calories
Cream cheese, 1 oz.  414
Cream, light, 1 cup  469
Ice cream, "death from within", 1 cup  500
Milk, whole, 8 fl. oz. 3.3% fat  150
Bread, white, 1 slice  70
Sugar, 2 tsp.  40
Apple, medium, 1 apple, 2 3/4 in., 1/3 lb.  80
Banana, 1 medium - 8 3/4 in.  101
Filet-O-Fish, each  432
Cheeseburger, each  310
French fries, large serving  400
Pizza - 1 slice - 200

Herbalife and other programs home - top of the page - email

There are many programs offering shakes and supplements to help you stay on the program.
Although you can buy similar products (shakes, vitamins, etc.) in any pharmacy or healthy food store, I believe for many people it is worth joining one of those program because there you can get in touch with other people who can share experience and offer support.

I recommend Herbalife. Not as a way to make money - but as a program to help you to lose weight. - a good Herbalife distributor in New York  877-946-9300, 212-967-9300, 718-383-9100

Other alternative may be Usana products.

If you don't like shakes, there are many programs offering other types of pre-packaged foods (health bars, juices, even food prepared and delivered to your door). Look around.

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